If you book an in person date without first purchasing and completing the online portion of your course you will not be permitted to attend the in person portion of the program and cannot be certified

Book the in person component of your blended learning First Aid or CPR course here

You can only book your in person training if you have purchased and completed the online component of your blended learning program

It is not necessary to register for First Aid and CPR Classes separately. If you are taking a First Aid Course, it includes CPR.

If you want to book a Standard First Aid, Emergency First Aid, Standard First Aid Recert, or CPR only course during daytime hours, use this schedule

All of these courses run at the same time, starting at 9AM - once you register you will receive an email with the expected length of your class

If you want to book an evening CPR Course, use this schedule

Evening classes start at 6PM and run for up to three hours. You may only choose this option if you are taking a standalone CPR course. If you have registered for a course that includes First Aid, do not use this schedule.

This calendar is only for advanced courses (First Responder, EMR and Pre-Paramedicine). Do not use it to book First Aid and CPR Classes