Learn First Aid with KFACT

We have the background and experience to provide all our clients with the best CPR and First Aid services.

Feel confident knowing our training is backed by the highest standards, excellent partners, our top-notch First Aid & CPR Instructors, and our incredibly well-equipped training facility.

We put the utmost passion & attention into every course. We are 100% committed to our clients having a fun, hands-on, engaging, and valuable experience.

We’ve been teaching First Aid & CPR since 1997!

25 years later, we’ve grown into a team of over 30 highly qualified First Aid & CPR Instructors.

Our providers train clients of all ages – children, teens, adults.

We prepare clients for all environments – home, workplace, wilderness, healthcare & medical settings.

  • Learn Online at Your Own Pace

    You decide how fast you want to complete the Online module. It takes approximately 7 hours to complete. You can push everything all at once, or complete it in bite-sized chunks, a bit each day.

  • Book In-Class Session

    Once you’ve completed the Online module, schedule training with one of our authorized training providers.

  • Get First Aid & CPR Certified!

    Our First Aid & CPR Instructors will take you through fun skill-building scenarios with incredible, state-of-the-art equipment. Afterwards, you’ll be trained, prepared, certified, and ready to save lives!

Get Learning Now

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